EWF - European Weightlifting Federation

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Adresa:Via G. Giacomini 83
478 9 Cittá
SMR San Marino

Pevná linka:+90 312 433 01 84
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Rok založení:neuvedeno
Činnost ukončena:organizace je aktivní
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The European Weightlifting Federation is the governing body for the sport of Weightlifting in Europe. There are 49 National Federations affiliated to EWF

Představení federace

EWF main purposes are unification of weightlifting sport federations for taking joint steps of the sport popularization among European countries according to Olympic principles of strengthening peace and friendship among the people; assistance in tight cooperation between EWF member federations, exchanging the experience, information and scientific data; conduction of Europe championships supervised by EFW bureau upon condition of exclusion of discrimination by political, race, religion or other motives; registration of Europe records. Despite its young age comparing to other European federations, EWF has gained its authority in the world of sports and keeps successfully promoting weightlifting on the territory of European countries

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